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Who is Candy Songs in real life?

Candy (her real first name) is a singer/songwriter, mom, and pediatric nurse. She has a degree in Environmental Studies. During her education for that degree, she also studied elementary education. Candy's internship was in environmental education, where she got to take kids on swamp walks, catch bugs, pet deer and skunks, handle snakes, and plan educational crafts and activities. When she had trouble finding a job that would pay her to do this, she decided to go on tour as a singer/songwriter instead.

Candy spent years performing and writing. During this time she was also hired to teach songwriting in the public school system. This sparked her interest in writing kids' songs. When she had her first child, she decided it was time to plant some roots and began nursing school. She is now a pediatric nurse! Candy has a special place in her heart for kids with special needs as she works with them every day, and has a son with Cystic Fibrosis.

Candy is having a lot of fun raising her kids, working as a nurse, and making kids' albums and music videos. 

Does Candy Songs play live shows?

Yes! If you're in the Northwest Arkansas area, follow on Facebook for live shows! You can contact her at for bookings.

How can I support Candy Songs music videos?

You can support at  Thanks so much!

Does Candy Songs know she looks/sounds like Ms Rachel?

Yes, she does. People tell her constantly. This is mere coincidence. Candy dreamed up the character and was writing kids albums in secret long before she found out about Ms Rachel. Great singing mom-minds think alike! While Candy does not have the vast early childhood knowledge that Ms Rachel does, Candy does work with kids every day. She knows and loves them. She loves writing songs. She also hopes to be besties with Ms Rachel someday. Much love.

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